Welcome to the second FEM workshop

Business Model Innovation with FEM

In the time of a crises changing a business model might be a must, not just an option, for any business hit by the crises. That is why the topic of the second FEM workshop will be centered around using FEM for Business Model Innovation (BMI)

The Fractal Enterprise Model (FEM) presents an enterprise/organization as a network of interconnected processes and assets. There are several areas where FEM can be used in practice , e.g. for planning and completing organizational change, including a radical one, such as business model transformation.

The goal of this workshop is trying Fractal Enterprise Model (FEM) for solving specific business problems or meeting specific challenges in practice.

The workshop agenda consists of two items:

  1. Presentation of main ideas behind FEM (up to 1 hour including Q&A) using an example for business model innovation
  2. Applying FEM to problems the participant have in their practice (working together), BMI in the first place

Resources related to BMI: See papers 3, 2 and 7 in the list of Resources